Genuine Leadership – On and Off the Field

CFL Coach of the Year nominee, Marcel Bellefeuille believes that leadership, team building and productivity go hand in hand, and he brings his award winning 'on field' leadership style, into YOUR boardroom and beyond...


Leadership Trainer


  • Michael G. SheedyService Corporation International

    Our meeting mantra was “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal” and we really needed an organizational leader who could kick off our meeting and so we turned to Marcel. In developing the meeting agenda with Marcel prior to the meeting it became very obvious that the similarities between sports and the business world are quite remarkable. The preparation put forth by Marcel getting abreast of our industry prior to the meeting was like no other speaker I’ve seen and his efforts paid huge dividends for his credibility as well as to our organization.

    The message of developing your plan, evaluating your plan, adjusting your plan, re-evaluating your plan, making further adjustments, understanding that your plan is a “living & breathing” document came out crystal clear during our meeting and the goal is to win. There is no question that selecting Marcel as our keynote speaker for this meeting was the right decision and yes we are winning. We are adjusting, evaluating and re-evaluating constantly and we will win the 2015 game for sure!

    The effort, his credibility, his experiences, the message and Marcel’s leadership qualities made our meeting an astounding success. It was “excellence in execution!”

  • Nathalie TrépanierCo-Founder, Moving Words Inc

    Coach MB’s pragmatic, no nonsense approach has helped me better appreciate my core strengths and maximize my overall potential. He has helped me to better understand how to focus my experience and competencies in areas that can be of greater use so that I am generally more effective. Marcel has not only inspired me to reach higher, he has helped me get there – quickly. He doesn’t just inspire, he delivers.

  • Pierre PlanteSales Manager, Ottawa, GLENTEL Solutions

    I invited my sales team to join me during the “Pro Chat Business and Sports Breakfast” Marcel was presenting at. Marcel shared valuable insights in terms of what ingredients, processes, and activities can help you make a difference regardless of what arena your team competes within. Marcel shared hard facts based on an equitable balance between education and experience, was enthusiastic in his delivery, demonstrated strong leadership qualities, was a voice of clarity and showcased a positive demeanor which can only help any team develop the proper mind set and focus to overcome any challenges and do so with a clear roadmap based upon defined expectations.

  • Bruno LindiaCEO, DMA Canada Ltd.

    Coach Marcel has been instrumental in transforming our team into Performance Maximizing professionals. His professional and timely style along with an excellent awareness of the leadership process, allows individuals to self-assess and exceed their goals. Truly a difference maker!

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